Bruges Beer Museum

At the Bruges Beer Museum you discover the most fascinating aspects of the beer brewing processes in a fun and innovative way. Taste, smell and touch the ingredients.

“A really nicely put together museum right in the centre of Bruges. Easy to find and tickets were reasonably priced. We spent around 1.5 hours here and it was very enjoyable. It uses iPads to give an interactive experience with a choice between listening/reading/videos/kids options.”

“We loved the interactive devices in the museum. Hearing about the history of beer and how’s its made. Then the little quizzes dotted around – great competition between hubby and me. The beer tasting after was good, great variety to choose from.”

“We were all impressed by the service and value we received, and they even have books and games for the younger crowd which was extra fun. “

“Convenient central location with a self guide tour and the chance to sample a few beers whilst there.”

“I thought I would not be able to drink any beer because I so dislike it. Now. I have liked a few Belgium beers! Quiet delicious and seconds were welcome. I only liked fruit beer though my dear husband liked many, maybe too many.”

Situated in the Breidelstraat, near the Market Square and the Burg.


Brugge 37