Church of Our Lady Museum

A church full of artistic treasures, with the ‘Madonna and Child’ of Michelangelo and the tombs of Charles the Bold and Mary of Burgundy.

“This is a very cool, ancient church. It is free to enter the main church area,however, to see the “museum” part of the church, including the famous Madonna & Child, there is a fee of €3,00.”

“The fee is so worth it! They have many paintings, reliquaries, tombs and mosaics, but the Michelangelo Madonna & Child is worth the fee all by itself.”

“The spire of this church, together with the Belfort (Belfry and Carillon) and Sint-Salvatorskathedraal (St Saviour’s Cathedral), determines the ‘skyline’ of Bruges. With its 115.5 metres, it is the second highest brick tower in the world.”

Mariastraat, near the Minnewater Lake and the 3D Museum.


Church Of Our Lady Bruges