Diamond Museum

Diamonds were polished and traded in Bruges as early as the 14th century. Discover the secrets of the mysterious diamond while in town at the Diamond Museum.

“The cutting and polishing demonstration was included in the price and very well presented. The lady involved my granddaughter in the demonstration and gave her some diamond dust.”

“A lot of interesting information in this presentation about diamond cutting and polishing. Then several rooms with photographs and information about diamond mining and the history of the industry.”

“It showed the process of polishing a diamond from a rough stone to a brilliant shape with easily followed steps.”

“If you like to learn about the history of diamonds in Brugge, the origination as well as the production from history till today, go there.”

“It was really interesting to walk around the museum and get an idea of the history of the diamond trade and also lots of information about diamonds themselves.”

Situated in the Katelijnestraat, near the Minnewater Lake and the Walplein Square.


Brugge 39