Sint-Jan Museum

The St. John’s Hospital was once the most important medieval clinic in Bruges. The infirmaries have been converted into a museum with artworks from Hans Memling.

“One of Europe’s oldest hospitals with six Memling masterpieces. These include the remarkable Ursula shrines, detailed triptych works and very impressive altarpiece of John the Evangelist and John the Baptist.”

“We spent a fascinating few hours wandering around, we are both medical so were fascinated by the building, exhibits and history, definitely worth a visit”

“Such a wonderfully presented museum which combines architecture, art and the history of medicine.”

“The St. Ursula Shrine on its own makes that this museum is worth a visit. The other Memling pieces are of course fantastic as well, and the medieval medicine setting is interesting to say the least.”

“This location expresses a successful transforming opera: a significant middle-age hospital became a very interesting museum, presenting more remarkable artefacts, and a good selection of classical Flemish art crafts.”

“No, this isn’t the biggest or most dazzling art museum you’ll ever visit but we were blown away by the Memling pieces. “

Situated at the Mariastraat, next to the Church of Our Lady and near the Minnewater Lake.


The Sint-Janshospitaal in Bruges