The Belfry

The most famous landmark in the medieval city of Bruges is the Belfry. The Carillon Tower has been watching over the Market Square for eight centuries. Its 366 exhausting steps, sweeping top view and appearance in the cult film In Bruges have earned the tower a international renown. The climb is well worth it for the stunning views over the city.

An ascent of the hundreds of steps will not only foster a good night’s sleep and a stunning view of Bruges’ lush green countryside, it also provides a look at the city’s historic and still-operating carillon. During the summer, the chimes of its 47 melodious bells can be heard throughout the city in many a concert.

The 83-meter high tower alternately functioned as a clock, a soundtrack to holidays and market Sundays, and even as a fire alarm. Gothic on top and 12th century medieval at the bottom, Bruges’ most famous monument speaks to many a creative mind.

The historic belfry and city center square in the old medieval old town of Bruges (Brugge) Belgium.