The Burg

The centre of operations for the Count of Flanders for centuries, Burg Square, with its Palace of the Liberty of Bruges, Bruges’ City Hall, and the Basilica of the Holy Blood still amazes travellers. Come to this place of power and beauty to experience romance and magic. Burg square connects to the Market Square by a short street and is right in the heart of the old-town Brugge.

Bruges’ City Hall (1376) is one of the oldest in the Netherlands region. It is from here that the city has been governed for more than 600 years. “Burg” in Dutch means “fortress” and the square takes this name because just in this place, Baldwin Iron Arm, the first Count of Flanders, built a castle in the IX century to stop the Normand invasions.

An absolute masterpiece on the Burg Square is the Gothic Hall, with its late 19th-century murals and polychrome vault. The golden ceiling is striking and the impressive paintings all around the walls intricately depict important events in the history of the Bruges. The entrance to the town hall is on the Burg Square with a ceremonial staircase leading to the Gothic hall above.

Fortified citadel Stadhuis with Burg square