The Princely Beguinage

“Please be respectful, discreet with your pictures and as silent as possible. If lucky, as we were, you will be able to enjoy some gorgeous religious, and very calming, chanting by some of those nuns. We were really impressed by their soothing voices which only transmitted peacefulness.”

‘A nun was in the chapel and, after a while, pulled the rope to ring the bell for Vespers at 1630. Soon, other nuns joined her and began singing. It was one of the best parts of my trip to sit in the church and listen to them. Regardless of the time of day, this is worth the walk!!’

“At 12.00 you can listen to the nuns singing in their church, plus there’s a nice little museum (entrance only €1,50 on Saturdays!) which shows how the women lived in former times.”

‘We were captivated by this beautiful, tranquil place. The lovely semi circle of whitewashed cottages around the grassy square planted with mature trees makes a delightful picture.’

Yellow narcissus in Brugge Beguinage