Torture Museum

More than hundred torture and execution devices. Located in probably one of the oldest historical European prisons. “De Oude Steen” brings a gripping experience.

“Not the sort of thing we would usually visit but some of our party were interested so we went along. Was very interesting and well worth the money. Would recommend.”

“Never stood still how justice used and abused his power to bring that balance between good and evil. In an hour you learn more than reading ten books on crime and punishment!”

“This was a fascinating way of discovering the different torture methods used throughout history in Bruges.”

“Be prepared for a really gruesome tour . So much to see and very informative in such a small place . How could and possibly still can human beings be so inhumane.”

“Brilliantly done museum showing gruesome torture equipment and how it was used. Great use of mannequins to depict how the equipment was used, which made it more real.”

Situated in the Wollestraat, near the Market Square.


Brugge 38