Walplein Square

“Although part of the busy part of the city, this small square somehow managed to be tucked away and quiet.”

“It’s a pretty little square in the most romantic town in Europe, but it has a secret, because on one of its’ corners there is an entrance in one of the narrowest streets in Bruges, the Stoofstraat, where once a long, long time ago there were often bathhouses by the ‘hot and heavy’ elite where you could clean up and shave and romp with a prostitute, or two, and clean up again before returning to your respectable home.”

“Walplein is a small cobbled square dating from the early 12th century. There are nice shops and cafes with a terrace. We stopped at De Halve Maan brewery and had a beer while we learned more about the Brugse Zot.”

Bruges by night